22-07-2017 - 30-07-2017
World Games 2017
26 Jul 2017, Wednesday
Field Barebow - Qualification BBM + BBW
Qualification Round Barebow
09:00-11:3012 targets course
11:30-13:00Lunch Break and Re-Grouped targets based on rank position
13:00-15:3012 targets course
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27 Jul 2017, Thursday
Field Barebow - BBW Pool Matches
09:00-09:30Show Match: Barebow Women
09:30-10:00Match A1: Barebow Women
09:48-10:18Match B1: Barebow Women
10:06-10:36Match A2: Barebow Women
CONRAD Manja (GER) - Winner of Match A1
10:24-10:54Match B2: Barebow Women
Winner of Match B1 - (USA) STONER Jenifer
10:42-11:12Match A3: Barebow Women
NILSSON Jessica (GBR) - Winner of Match A2
11:00-11:30Match B3: Barebow Women
Winner of Match B2 - (FRA) PORTE Chantal
11:18-11:48Match A4: Barebow Women
BJORKLUND Lina (SWE) - Winner of Match A3
11:36-12:06Match B4: Barebow Women
Winner of Match B3 - (CZE) MACKOVA Martina
12:06-14:00Lunch Break
Field Barebow - BBM Pool Matches
14:00-14:30Show Match: Barebow Men
14:30-15:00Match A1: Barebow Men
14:48-15:18Match B1: Barebow Men
SIEJKO Mateusz (POL) - (AUS) FISHER Michael
15:06-15:36Match A2: Barebow Men
AHJOKIVI Pasi (FIN) - Winner of Match A1
15:24-15:54Match B2: Barebow Men
Winner of Match B1 - (SRB) KOROKNAY Károly
15:42-16:12Match A3: Barebow Men
DEMMER III John (USA) - Winner of Match A2
16:00-16:30Match B3: Barebow Men
Winner of Match B2 - (HUN) KAKAS Istvan
16:18-16:48Match A4: Barebow Men
SEIMANDI Giuseppe (ITA) - Winner of Match A3
16:36-17:06Match B4: Barebow Men
Winner of Match B3 - (SWE) JONSSON Erik
28 Jul 2017, Friday
09:00-12:00Training + Equipment inspection CM + CW
Field Barebow - Finals BBM + BBW
14:00-14:151/2: Barebow Women
1st or 2nd Ranked - Winner of Match A4
14:15-14:301/2: Barebow Women
Winner of Match B4 - 1st or 2nd Ranked
14:30-14:451/2: Barebow Men
1st or 2nd Ranked - Winner of Match A4
14:45-15:001/2: Barebow Men
Winner of Match B4 - 1st or 2nd Ranked
15:00-15:15Bronze: Barebow Women
15:15-15:30Gold: Barebow Women
15:30-15:45Bronze: Barebow Men
15:45-16:00Gold: Barebow Men
16:05-16:15Award Ceremony - Barebow Women
16:15-16:25Award Ceremony - Barebow Men
29 Jul 2017, Saturday
Qualification Rounds
Qualification Round Compound
09:00-09:30Qualification Round Compound Warmup
09:30-12:30Qualification Round Compound
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12:30-13:30Lunch Break
Mixed Team Matches
13:30-13:451/4: CX warmup
13:45-14:101/4: CX
Individual Matches
14:30-14:451/16: CM, CW warmup
14:45-15:301/16: CM, CW
1/8: CM, CW byes can shoot
15:30-16:101/8: CM, CW
16:10-16:451/4: CM, CW
30 Jul 2017, Sunday
Mixed Team Finals
10:00-10:201/2: Compound Mixed Team
10:20-10:401/2: Compound Mixed Team
10:45-11:05Bronze: Compound Mixed Team
11:05-11:25Gold: Compound Mixed Team
11:25-11:35Award Ceremony - Mixed Team
Individual Matches
11:45-12:051/2: Compound Women
12:05-12:251/2: Compound Women
12:25-12:451/2: Compound Men
12:45-13:051/2: Compound Men
13:05-14:00Lunch Break
Individual Finals
14:00-14:20Bronze: Compound Women
14:20-14:40Gold: Compound Women
14:40-15:00Bronze: Compound Men
15:00-15:20Gold: Compound Men
15:20-15:30Award Ceremony - Compound Women
15:30-15:40Award Ceremony - Compound Men
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