18-09-2017 - 23-09-2017
World Archery 3D Championships
20 Sep 2017, Wednesday
10:15Calling of the Groups
Qualification Round - Course 2
10:30-15:00Red Course (Instinctives and Longbow Men) - Blue Course (Compounds) - Yellow Course (Barebows and Longbow Women)
10:30-15:00Individual Results
10:30-15:00Team Results
21 Sep 2017, Thursday
1st Elimination Round (12 targets)
09:00-10:00Warmup Individuals
10:15Calling of the Groups
10:30-12:301st Round: Red Course (Barebows & Longbow Women) - Blue Course (Instinctives & Longbow Men) - Yellow Course (Compounds)
12:40Shoot off, if any
12:45-15:00Lunch Break
2nd Elimination Round (8 targets)
15:00Calling of the Groups
15:15-16:452nd Round: Red Course (Barebows & Longbow Women) - Blue Course (Instinctives & Longbow Men) - Yellow Course (Compounds)
17:00Shoot off, if any
22 Sep 2017, Friday
Team Elimination Round - 8 targets
09:00-10:00Warmup Teams
10:15Calling of the Groups
Team Matches
10:30-11:301/4: MT, WT
Team Semi-Finals - 4 targets
11:45Shoot off, if any
Team Matches
12:15-13:001/2: MT, WT
23 Sep 2017, Saturday
09:00Warmup open for the archers still competing
Semi Finals
10:00-11:301/2: BM, BW, CM, CW, IM, IW, LM, LW
11:30-13:30Lunch Break
13:30Warmup open for the archers still competing
Team Matches
13:30-13:40Bronze: Women Team
13:40-13:50Bronze: Men Team
13:50-14:00Gold: Women Team
14:00-14:10Gold: Men Team
Individual Matches
14:20-14:30Bronze: Instinctive Women
14:30-14:40Gold: Instinctive Women
14:40-14:50Bronze: Instinctive Men
14:50-15:00Gold: Instinctive Men
15:00-15:10Bronze: Longbow Women
15:10-15:20Gold: Longbow Women
15:20-15:30Bronze: Longbow Men
15:30-15:40Gold: Longbow Men
15:40-15:50Bronze: Barebow Women
15:50-16:00Gold: Barebow Women
16:00-16:10Bronze: Barebow Men
16:10-16:20Gold: Barebow Men
16:20-16:30Bronze: Compound Women
16:30-16:40Gold: Compound Women
16:40-16:50Bronze: Compound Men
16:50-17:00Gold: Compound Men
17:30Award Ceremony
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Barebow Men   
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Longbow Men   
Longbow Women   
Instinctive Men   
Instinctive Women   
Team EventsQualification RoundBracketsRankings
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Women Team  
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